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Shakepay is a free finance mobile app that allows you to easily purchase and sell digital currencies. MetaMask is a finance application developed by ConsenSys. The Commissions believe that this method of taking a "snapshot" of the present lowest weighted 25% after which looking retroactively to find out the aggregate dollar value of the ADTV over the previous 6 months of the securities in the snapshot is an inexpensive method for finance robotics the needs of the statute and will likely be significantly much less burdensome than the choice of requiring a calculation of the info for the lowest weighted 25% of the index for every day of the preceding 6 full calendar months.87 5. Determining "the Preceding 6 Full Calendar Months" As already noted, the CEA and binance vs coinbase fees Exchange Act specify that the greenback value of ADTV and market capitalization are to be calculated as of the "previous 6 full calendar months."88 Paragraph (d)(8) of CEA Rule 41.11 and Exchange Act Rule 3a55-1, being adopted in the present day as proposed, defines "preceding 6 full calendar months," with respect to a selected day, because the time period beginning on the identical day of the month 6 months earlier than such day, and ending on the day previous to such day.89 For example, for August 16 of a specific 12 months, the preceding 6 full calendar months means the interval beginning February sixteen and ending August 15. Similarly, for March 8 of a specific yr, the preceding 6 full calendar months begins on September eight of the earlier yr and ends on March 7. The Commissions believe that this "rolling" 6-month strategy is acceptable, particularly in mild of points that will come up if 6 full calendar months have been measured from the primary to the final day of each month on the calendar.